Workers Discover Port-A-Potty Meth Lab Found On Golf Course (VIDEO)

Port-A-Potty Meth Lab

First off if you use a Port-A-Potty, it better be your last option. Those things aren’t sanitized and are  just down right disgusting. However there are tons of people who use them, and I’ve even heard of people having sex in them. For those that get down in Port-A-Potties I hope you know you’re nasty, and yes I am judging you.

In the latest news related to the nasty invention called Port-A-Potties, one golf course in Oklahoma has stumbled across a bizarre use of the small, compact portable restroom. I have never seen a golf course minus a couple port-a-potties scattered around. Where else are you supposed to release your business while golfing, defiantly not on their luxurious green grass. Unfortunately on one golf course in Oklahoma, it seems they found a new way to use a Port-A-Potty.

A meth lab. Yes somewhere in Oklahoma some genius thought it would be a wise idea to convert a Port-A-Potty into a mini-meth lab that was located smack dabbed in the middle of the golf course. According to KFOR-TV,  a golf course in Purcell, Oklahoma, had been converted into a mini-meth lab by at least one suspect who has yet to be caught.

“Staffers noticed strange sports drink bottles with chemicals inside the port-a-potty and called police.

Officers arrived and soon realized someone had been inside making meth using the ‘shake and bake’ method.

Three bottles were found, two of them exploded before detectives arrived.

Agents were able to neutralize the third one without the harmful chemicals erupting.”

This is a prime example of when shake n’ bake goes wrong. Obviously the chemicals have already killed the brain cells in this suspect’s head if they assumed they could turn a Port-A-Potty into a mini meth lab on a golf course and go unnoticed. Just say no to drugs people.