$20 Million Dollar Man Joe Flacco Riding Free Airport Shuttle (PHOTO)

joe flacco shuttle bus

One way to stay rich is live cheap, and one way to stay broke is to live rich.

Joe Flacco is doing just that. Just because you are now the second highest paid man in the NFL doesn’t mean you have to live like it, spending on useless things.

Although Flacco has more than enough money to get a limousine or some nice fancy, overpriced car service to drop him off at the airport, the Super Bowl MVP opted for the more economical free shuttle bus.

Flacco seems to enjoy living the regular Joe lifestyle. His wife is always nearby when Flacco goes on his economical splurges, which is not a common sight among athletes and their significant others. Nice to see, so I guess it’s safe to say Flacco is a dollarnaire after all.