5’10” Mark Hunt KOs 7’0″ Stefan Struve (Video)


Mark Hunt has been known for his tremendous strength and power; tonight he exhibited both with a thunderous 3rd round knockout.

Hunt was at a physical disadvantage against the 7’0″ 280 lb Struve but he used his quickness to stay close to Struve’s body and effectively neutralized any reach advantage that Struve may have had entering the fight.

Hunt has openly said that he is the hardest hitting man in MMA and boast that he would knockout any one in the heavy weight division. After tonight’s match there won’t be too many people doubting his ability to back up those words.

Check below for the Highlights of the fight, including Hunt’s KO and confident walk-off afterwards:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=webUU-czW38]