Adrien Broner Makes it Rain $15k in Club, Gives Stripper Oral Sex on Stage (Video)


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Someone needs to talk to Adrien Broner and tell him to slow down. I followed Floyd Mayweather early in his career and it was all about boxing, the Money Mayweather persona came much later.

Even now, the whole Money Mayweather thing is more promotion than reality. Yes, Floyd likes flashing a lot of money, but besides a gambling problem, but he is still focused on his craft and is always in the gym. He isn’t drinking or doing drugs. He has had trouble with the law, but if you are Broner, do you really want to go that down that road?

Adrien Broner Stripper

If Floyd shows up at a strip club, he is getting paid to be there, he definitely not doing this.

Forget the money for a second, that just isn’t sanitary. Broner and some of his yes men, will probably say this is hating, but that isn’t the case.

So many boxers over the years, life outside of the ring, derailed their life inside of the ring. I don’t want that happened to Broner, because he is so talented, but the signs are there, if he doesn’t get things together, he is going to be another statistic.

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  • If pac-man ever wakes up I’d like to see him fight this guy.

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