Adrien Broner Rips Up $20 Bills and Flushes Them in Toilet (Video)

Adrien Broner bills

Not exactly sure what is going on with Adrien Broner, but there is a fine line between being a villain and just spiraling out of control.

He was already caught giving oral sex to a stripper in Miami and now he is flushing bills down the toilet because they aren’t $100s?

I am all for young people having fun, as long as they aren’t getting arrested (Broner was just recently arrested), but remember that everyone isn’t blessed to have rolls of $100s.  You don’t like the $20s, give them to a homeless person on the street or someone down on their luck, don’t flush them down the toilet.

What is this really accomplishing?  Does it make Broner feel any richer than before he flushed them?  Just perpetuating a stereotype a lot of hard working young black men have been trying to shake for decades.

Grow up Adrien, there is a way of promoting yourself without acting like this.

22 thoughts on “Adrien Broner Rips Up $20 Bills and Flushes Them in Toilet (Video)

  • Balling haters gonna hate ,this is business more people are gonna hate him and will make home the ultimate villain everyone will pay hoping he loses but if he doesn’t the joke is on us and he’s gonna spend even more

  • Broner is a chump! Money may wanna be! Homeboy has a glass jaw. If he’s gonna roll and act hard he better be able to take a punch. I wish I never broke my wrist, it ended my boxing career. I swear I would can his bigmouth no chin having ass in two rounds. Yo Broner act like a man and grow some balks. Your no Mayweather so give up the acting. Your gonna look like a fool when you get canned. Grow up homeboy

  • U a stupid arreagant motherfucker would u done
    That back then when ur monkey ass was eating rice with honey

  • Ayo, Broner definitely needs some maturity. Regarding $may, Broner beats Mayweather in the 7th round, if not Floyd wins by decision. As for a glass jaw? Come on homie, your wrists can’t even hold up, n you have the nerve to talk about someone’s bones??? Fuq the jaw my dude, you can’t even punch!!

    One last note, come on brothas get a dictionary or spell check, something!

    • I hear you on that John, that dude is a straught up fuckin clown! Mark my words. That guy has a glass jaw and hes gonna wish he kept every dollar hes flushing. He got dropped with a jab and it wasnt a flash knock down it was flush on his china chin!! Fuckin GROW UP BRONER!! Your a PUNK ASS!!!

  • This guy is stupid as hell. He can’t do any thing original monkey see monkey do. I can’t wait for someone to knock the shit at of him………..

    • Tony I bet your a cool guy that hides behind his computer and makes comment you can back up. Your backing up a guy with no class. Dont talk shit about my wrist either chump. What kind of proof you want that ill can you and broner for free .All I need is my left hand computer champ!! Ha!!!


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