Akron Guard Alex Abreu Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges

Alex Abreu Mugshot

I guess Abreu was more interested in being the next Rick Ross (the drug dealer not the rapper), than the March Madness. He will be spending the rest of March trying to figure out how to stay out of jail.

Deadspin has the details.

The Akron Zips will be without the services of starting point guard Alex Abreu after the All-MAC junior found himself in jail today facing multiple felony charges.

The Akron Beacon-Journal reports Abreu was arrested today after accepting a “large” shipment of marijuana from undercover officers who detected the package using drug dogs.

A search of the Akron Municipal Court records shows Abreu was charged today with two third-degree felonies of drug trafficking and drug abuse. In Ohio, third-degree marijuana trafficking is charged when the amount in question is between one and five kilograms. The third-degree felony charge of aggravated possession includes “a presumption for a prison term.”

Abreu has been suspended for the 24-5 Akron Zips.

One thought on “Akron Guard Alex Abreu Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges

  • Wait, something doesn’t sound right. Cops offered him the drugs, and then arrested him for possession of the same drugs they gave him? Sound like he was framed to me.

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