Allen Iverson on the Cover of XXL with Rick Ross (Photos)

Allen Iverson XXL

These days it isn’t a big deal for NBA players to be rappers, but back when Allen Iverson dropped “40 Bars”, David Stern wasn’t having pleased at all.

The rumor was that Iverson, who was a pretty good rapper,  was threatened by the NBA and strongly advised not to released a planned full length CD.  So, 40 Bars is the only single we ever got from A.I.

One problem, some believe Iverson is having currently, is that his mindset still hasn’t back in the early 2000s and that he hasn’t grown up.

Others say, Iverson is just staying true to the “culture” that embraced him. Whatever you believe, A.I. instead of getting back in the NBA, is hanging out with Rick Ross and Tyga in the latest duel covers of XXL and SLAM (Photos courtesy of Word On the Game).

Allen Iverson XXL Slam

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  • I don’t believe AI has much of a choice….the NBA doesn’t want him…he might as well hang with those guys

  • Can you please please please get an editor. I like the site but the typos and grammatical errors are killing it.

  • @ k swigland….i agree, the site is great but I have NEVER seen so many typos. Every single article has something so bad I wonder if the author even read it after typing the first draft.

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