Andre Iguodala Plans to Opt out of Current Deal After the Season

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After the Denver Nuggets’ quest to win a championship this season has reached its conclusion one way or another, their forward Andre Iguodala, plans to go on quest of his own for financial and personal security.

Iguodala, was acquired by the Nuggets this past off-season, in a trade involving the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and Philadelphia 76ers. And while the main players in that deal were Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, the Nuggets forward has had more of a positive impact with his new team.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Iguodala told Fox Sports Florida, that he intends to opt of the $16.1 million he’s owed next season in order to secure a longer deal with the Nuggets, even though, he won’t make anything near what he’s going to make next season.

“Yeah, definitely,’’ Iguodala, 29, said of that being a distinct possibility. “You got to weigh options. Security-wise, a player would opt, especially with the type of season we’ve had as a team. Teams know what I can bring to them, and I know (the Nuggets) know what I can bring to a team here.

“Players get like $50, $60 or $70 or $80 (million over multiple years), whatever the number was, they gave up a big number (in an option season by opting out). But in the grand scheme of things, pretty much get it back. You got security.’’

The former University of Arizona player, isn’t looking to sign anywhere else but in Denver, as it’s where he’s most comfortable.

“My main goal is, if we win here, everything will take care of itself, no matter what,’’ Iguodala said. “I want to play for a team where I have an impact on the game without even scoring … I feel like if I win (with the Nuggets), I won’t have to worry about having to prove my worth.

“Obviously, it’s a business, so you’re going to look at your options. Here we have some good (prospects). But I’m not making any promises. But I’ve liked the last month and a half, two months, three months or however long (that Denver has been on a roll). It’s important for the future, so I’m just trying to win.’’

The NBA salary cap is expected to be roughly around the $72 million mark next season, and the Nuggets will have $52.5 million committed to players if Iguodala opts out, so they will have the room to re-sign him.

He’s unquestionably, one of the best players on a team that currently sits in third spot in the Western conference standings and has a good chance of doing damage in the playoffs because of their NASCAR style of play.

He’s taking a gamble passing up all that money next season but it’s a well calculated one, players yearn for security almost as much as they yearn for a chance to win.

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