Andrew Bynum Doesn’t Think He’ll Play This Year, Won’t Play In Pain


Philadelphia 76ers fans are outraged, and you really can’t blame them.  Today after practice Andrew Bynum essentially explained to the media what everyone already knew, that he probably would not play a game this season for the Sixers.

Bynum has been getting ripped since this afternoon when he made the announcement in a manner that can only be categorized as smug, and without care.

According to Crossing Broad, Bynum when asked if he could play through pain, let it be known he wouldn’t.


I’m 25, and it’s my life, yet Andrew Bynum has no problem collecting every bit of the $17 million due to him this season. Fans in this city won’t stand for it, and that’s why Andrew Bynum sadly, will never play an actually game in a 76ers uniform.