Arrest Warrant Being Sought Against Jennifer Capriati For Beating Up Her Boyfriend


Jennifer Capriati

Topanga and now Jennifer Capriati, it is like 90’s day on BSO. While Topanga is being praised for her Maxim shoot, Capriati is getting attention for something a little less sexy, according to TMZ.

The North Palm Beach Police Dept. is reportedly seeking an arrest warrant, after Jennifer — allegedly punched Ivan Brannan in the chest several times … this according to Gossip Extra.

Interestingly … Brannan was shut down after trying to get a restraining order against Capriati, claiming she called his place of work north of 100 times in a single day.

This all happened on Valentine’s Day believe it or not. I hear a lot of domestic disputes happen on that day.


  1. First Monica Seles, Stephy Graf, now Capriati. This girl needs a new hobby. You can’t run around fighting your guy in order to regain a “spark or competitive fire”. Great post, I noticed this story is buried under the other sports venues. Yet Serena contests a call, it makes sports center.
    Horse radish!

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