Bill Simmons Criticizes ESPN’s First Take, Calls It An Embarrassment

bill simmons rips skip bayless

Not everyone working at ESPN found the testy remarks shared between First Take’s Skip Bayless and Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman amusing. One analysis in particular who spoke out against the segment was Bill Simmons.

In three simple but direct tweets, Simmons expresses his distaste for the show while urging viewers not to watch First Take.

Although I am a regular viewer of First Take, I have been since Cold Pizza, some people simply hate the show. While I am able to take the show for what it is at face value, entertainment mixed with sports and personal opinions expressed during an informal debate, some people simply can’t stand Skip’s biased opinions and Stephen A. Smith constant name dropping. However what I have never understood is why people constantly watch a show they despise. Simply turn the channel if it’s that bad. I can’t understand why would you watch something so unappealing to you, unless you secretly like Skip.

This was sad on both parts. Skip was being Skip so I don’t blame him but if you’re going to go on First Take you have to expect this in away. Terrell Suggs doesn’t agree with Skip. It could be argued he actually hates him, but he knows how to display his dislike while still being professional, which ultimately makes Skip look like the fool. However once you engage and stoop down to his level, as Simmons stated, no one wins it just becomes sad. You fell into the trap.

I guess this is the time we all Embrace the Debate, and see what sort of action ESPN takes against Simmons. It wasn’t like he called anyone a cornball so I doubt ESPN will make off with his head. If they don’t respond, maybe someone in the higher offices agree with him regarding First Take. You simply never know since it has been reported many ESPN employes aren’t tickled with pink regarding the show to begin with.