Bills Stevie Johnson Trying To Recruit Free Agents


The Buffalo Bills have a new head coach, new system, and hopefully if wide receiver Stevie Johnson has any say in it, some new free agent players.

Stevie Johnson is out recruiting any and all top-tier free agents, including Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, and  Dashon Goldson to Join the Buffalo Bills according to the Buffalo News. 

“I’ve talked to a few guys, trying to get them to come to Buffalo,” Johnson told me this afternoon.

“I just asked Dashon Goldson, ‘Who would you want to go to?’ Out of his lips, he was talking about Buffalo a lot,” Johnson said. “I’m, like, ‘Man!’

“Hopefully, we give him an offer.”

Johnson admitted he needs another receiving threat to take the pressure off of him, and stated that he’s reached out to Dwayne Bowe, and Greg Jennings.

“Who knows what’s going to happen with Dwayne Bowe or Greg Jennings?” Johnson said, “But here’s hoping they come through.

“I’m trying, man. I feel like we’re close, and these fans deserve it. It’s been a long time. It’s a cycle in this league. We were up for a long time. Then we were down. Now I feel like it’s coming around. We have some pieces to make it happen.”