Bob Arum Announces List of Possible Pacquiao Opponents


Manny Pacquiao hasn’t fought since his stunning knock out loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in December. Many questioned whether Pacquiao would even fight again, but promoter Bob Arum has pretty much answered that question by revealing his list of possible oppnents for Pac-Man’s next fight.

Arum talked with Boxing Scene about the possible opponents for Manny’s next fight:

“I’ve got four guys and after the March 30 rematch between Rios and Mike Alvarado they will sit down with me and we’ll figure this thing out.”

“Manny might fight Rios if he beats Alvarado or he might fight Bradley in a rematch or Marquez in a fifth fight. I’ve got four attractive fighters and I’ll mix and match them.”

Tim Bradley really boosted himself into the realm of big prize fights with his latest slug fest against Ruslan Provodnikov. I can see both Manny and Marquez jumping at the opportunity to end his undefeated streak and win his title.

Arum touched on the style of fights that he’d like to put together and what the fans want to see:

“Fans want to see actions, Alvarado and Rios are action fighters. Bradley showed that he’s an action fighter. They don’t play around, they fight, that’s what the public wants to see. Marquez is an action fighter; Manny is an action fighter. We’ll mix and match as we go on because they are the big fights that people want to see.”

The winner of this round-robin format is probably in line for a big payout against P4P #1 fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr.

One thought on “Bob Arum Announces List of Possible Pacquiao Opponents

  • Corrupt promoters like Bob Arum and Don King have ruined boxing! These two criminals have screwed over so many boxers over the last fifty years, the best athletes in the United States don’t box. The elite athletes are playing football and basketball. That is why those tow sports are number one and two.
    By the way, we will never see Mayweather fight Pacquaio. Why? Bob Arum!

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