Brazil to Introduce Obese Seats Into Stadium for 2014 World Cup

Obese Seats

This has got to be the best idea since twitter was invented, next stop buses and planes am I right?

Brazil is really going all out to ensure that the fan experience is at the very least a comfortable one  when they host next years’ FIFA World Cup. According to the Daily Mail, the super-size seats will be installed at the Fortaleza’s Castelao Stadium for individuals who weigh up to 560 lbs – I mean you have to draw the line somewhere right – and it will cost them twice the price. Fans who have managed to keep themselves at a respectable weight will pay approximately $30, while the fans who need the seat will pay double the cost of a regular ticket.

Under Brazilian law such seating is mandatory, stadiums are required to have 1% of the total number of seats accessible for the disabled and the obese. Four of the six stadiums to be used for the World Cup and other tournaments have to be completed.

I applaud the people of Brazil for being ahead of the curve and paying attention to the small details like this that in the end will go a ways in shaping the fans experience. As the proverbial saying goes you miss a little you miss a lot.