Broncos Quinton Carter Arrested in Vegas For Cheating at Craps Table


Quinton Carter Mugshot

Before I get to the arrest, I would love to ask Mr. Carter, why he was gambling at Palace Station? Out of all the casinos in Vegas, that is the last one I would expect to find a NFL player cheating at craps.

But, that is exactly what happened according to the Denver Post.

Carter tried to use a very old trick, after the dice were rolled, he would add money to his bets, so he would get a bigger payout.

Obviously, Carter has  watched Ocean’s 11 one too many times and forgot there are cameras everywhere in Vegas. He was arrested on three counts of fraudulent act in a gaming establishment. You may laugh, but that carries a maximum six year jail sentence.

Ask OJ Simpson and Floyd Mayweather about the Vegas justice system, I hope Carter has a good lawyer.