Caption the Photo: Chris Bosh Celebrates The Heat’s 18th Straight Win


Chris Bosh Face

At this point, it is safe to assume Bosh knows what he is doing and is reverse trolling the world. You think you are making fun of him, but he is really making fun of you.

Whatever the case maybe, it is hilarious.


  1. People kill me! lil wayne kisses a man in the mouth and his fans forgive him.Chris bosh has weman tendancies and all of sudden he is a homesexual.
    Chris bosh wife has a past but all lil wayne ex’s hava an even worst past
    and people riding chris.You tell me which one is worst the man who kisses a man in the mouth are the man who you suspect of being gay.You tell me which us worst the rapper with multipul whores for baby mommas and wives are the NBA player who married an ex-party girl.

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