Caption The Photo: Serge Ibaka has Something in His Pants for The Ladies


Serge Ibaka Pants

Serge Ibaka why do you tease us like this?

I could go on for days about Mr. Ibaka, but i will withhold my thirst and stick to the details at hand.

From the looks of the picture the wind seems to be blowing pretty strong, but it didn’t appear to damper Ibaka or his pants. Not to mention the shirt he is wearing speaks volumes.

Let us rise together!

R & B singer Keri Hilson is one lucky lady. I don’t suppose she wants to assist the ladies and share the ball, so look while you can.

sege ibaka dating rb singer keri hilson






  1. IF, that’s really his dick print and not just the way those pants are laying, then kerry hilson is a runt big wide open open pussy whore who wishes she was beyonce

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