Caption This Photo: FGCU Player and Florida Gator Cheerleader Together Pregame


florida gator cheerleader with fgcu player

Florida Gulf Coast University tried its best to weather the storm of the Florida Gators, but when the clock stroked 12 Cinderella didn’t have a chance as the Florida Gators went on to win earning themselves an Elite Eight spot.

Although the game was grand, it’s what happened before the game that has some loyal fans puzzled. FGCU guard Sherwood Brown and a Gators cheerleader can be seen embracing each other in a nice warm hug before the game.

I don’t blame Brown for taking a picture with the “enemy” he was simply trying to land him a backup plan if his team won. However the cheerleader should have known better. You don’t show your pom poms to the enemy. That’s the number one rule of the Spirit Finger Club. Shame on her.

At least it was before the game.


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