Carmelo Anthony Leaves the Court & Teammates Puzzled During Blowout Loss (Video)

carmelo anthony knee injury

Melo is hurting, that is pretty obvious to see. I give him some credit for trying to play through it, but if you are going to bail out on your team. at least let them know, so they don’t look like fools standing in the huddle.

Melo calls a timeout and decides he has had enough of dealing with the Nuggets fans who booed him unmercilessly last night. He taps the trainer on the shoulder and exits the building.

The look on JR Smith’s face priceless. It is the same look, I assume he gives women when they ask for a long-term commitment. Melo didn’t bother telling head coach Mike Woodson either.

I am not accusing him of leaving, because they were being blown out by his old team, but at least have some common courtesy to tell your head coach what is going on, before leaving him high and dry.

Melo is heading back to NYC to get his knee drained, there is no word on when he will return to the team.

H/T The Big Lead for video

One thought on “Carmelo Anthony Leaves the Court & Teammates Puzzled During Blowout Loss (Video)

  • Melo is one of my favorites. Most of the criticism he receives he brings on himself. Good example is how he left the Denver game. He has a rep that says it’s easy to get into his head and he can’t take pressure. If you want to prove everyone wrong don’t walk off the floor quitting without letting your teammates know your intentions. Especially while getting blown out.Just like the article says, “Common courtesy”. Leaving your crew on the battlefield while being attacked, without letting someone of authority know could be likened to desertion. And not telling your fellow comrades of your intentions during battle is down right desertion. Not saying he left because of being humiliated(which they were being)but he could’ve let his fellow soldiers know he was taking the cannon.

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