Carmelo Anthony Said Being booed was fun (Video)

Carmelo Anthony

The Denver Nuggets fans booing of Carmelo Anthony at the Pepsi Arena last night, had more venom than the Orlando Magic fans had for Dwight Howard, but still less than what Lebron James got in his return to Cleveland.

It’s kind of surprising that Nuggets fans still hold a grudge against Anthony, they got a great return in terms of talent for him and their team is better, but then again rejection is a hard pill to swallow. The fans got their monies worth and more as the Nuggets disposed of the New York Knicks quite easily beating them 117-94, and watched as Anthony walked out on his team before the game ended.

After the game, the Knicks forward tried to downplay the whole thing, calling it fun according to CBS Sports.

Anthony called the experience, “fun” after the game, saying it was “good to be back in (Pepsi Center); see some people, see some old friends, see some old faces.”

“I wish the outcome would have been a little bit different but it is what it is,” Anthony said.



Check the video out here:

H/T to Ben Olliver of Sports Illustrated for the video.