Carmelo Anthony Says LaLa Encourages Him To Think of Life Beyond Basketball

Lala Anthony 2

There is nothing wrong with this.

Thinking outside of the court, will keep you from being broke when your playing days are over, so in that aspect Melo’s wife Lala is doing a good thing.

Here is what Melo had to say, courtesy of Jocks and Stiletto Jill.

Anthony says that he and Vasquez keep their individual businesses separate (“we have our own entities”), but adds that Vasquez encourages him to look beyond the traditional borders of sports. “She doesn’t look at me as an athlete at all,” Anthony says. “She’s always been the person I can bring something to—that’s a no-brainer.”

“Athletes have become more in tune to the fashion world,” he says. ”A lot of athletes are just known for being athletes,” Anthony says. “You can come to a place like New York and diversify yourself.”

The one thing you notice from those players who are considered exceptional, are they had a burning desire to be the best on the court, before worrying about fashion or diversifying their portfolio.

You obviously can do both (Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson being great examples), but can Melo?

Only time will tell.