Cavs Considering Shutting Down Kyrie Irving For Rest Of Season

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Indiana Pacers

Kyrie Irving made his first All Star team this season, established himself  as a top-tier point in the league, and now with a lingering knee injury, the Cavs and head coach Byron Scott are considering shutting down Irving for the remainder of the season.

“If Ky is hurting, I have no problem sitting him down,” Scott said.

Irving played in his second straight game Wednesday after missing a week, and led the Cavs to a come from behind victory over the Jazz.

Irving told ESPN that he wouldn’t sit even though taking the rest of the season off would be the only way for the knee to totally heal.

“The only way I would get better is if I sit out for the rest of the season, and I’m not doing that,” Irving said.

Scott commended Irving on his toughness, but reiterated that he wouldn’t risk Irving’s future over 20 plus games.

“If there is any way of doing more damage by continuing to play, then I’ll find that out and we’ll go from there,” Scott said. “I want him (Irving) to go out there and play and be effective for us,” Scott said. “I don’t want him playing at 100 percent.”