Celtics Jeff Green Hits Game Winning Shot, Celebrates With Heart Surgeon (Video)


About 14 months ago, Celtics forward Jeff Green wasn’t sure he’d live, let alone play professional basketball again because of a rare heart condition.

The Celtics played the Cavaliers in Cleveland last night, and for Green it was a semi-homecoming considering how much time he spent at the Cleveland Clinic.

Last night Green hit a buzzer beating lay-up, to give the Celtics a 93-92 road win, and immediately embraced the man who save his life and his career, Dr. Lars Svensson.

Svensson performed heart surgery on Green over a year ago, and last night Green dedicated the game to Dr. Lars according to the Boston Herald.

“He said ‘Great game,’ and he’s proud of me,” said Green. “Just a year ago and a couple of months I was under that bright light, with him working on me. . . . It’s a blessing to be here. He’s paying attention to what I’m doing. That was for him, then. That was for Dr. Svensson.

“He did a terrific job to get me back to where I am now,” he said. “I owe a whole lot to him and the Cleveland Clinic. They welcomed me with open arms and I owe them for that. To have a game like this here, in front of my doctor, I think made him proud.

“I’m thankful, man, to have him and the way he performed the procedure. I’m lucky to be back on the court, and I owe it all to him. I’m just blessed and thankful.”

Kudos to Jeff Green and Dr. Lars Svensson.