Chris Paul Says Greivis Vasquez Talks Too Much


At the end of the Clippers 105-91 blowout win over the Hornets, Chris Paul and Greivis Vasquez engaged in some verbal sparring.

It would seem that both players had been jawing back and forth with each other for most of the game.  What is very clear, is that Vasquez seemed to annoy Paul.

After the game, Paul was interview, and explained his feelings on Vasquez.

“He just talk way too much, man,” Paul said. “He talk too much. I don’t – he talk way too much.”

“Well, your scoring and the win did the talking tonight. Thanks a lot Chris,” the interviewer said as Paul interrupted her.

Paul said something in audible about the win before adding one more, “but he just talk too much.”

Vasquez has always been a talker, and it would seem that Paul basically was eluding to the fact that Vasquez hasn’t done enough in the league to warrant running his mouth so much.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Paul Says Greivis Vasquez Talks Too Much

  • Talk is cheap…..

  • My man, It’s “alluding” not “eluding.”

  • Winning by 14 is not a “blowout” win.

  • There has already been 1 game this season where Greivis Vasquez very very humbly kicked Chris Paul’s butt, hitting big shots and more.

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