Chris Paul with the Flop of the Year (Video)

Chris Paul


Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul has been known to provide a quality flop in the midst of heated NBA games. Whether you look at it as deceiving or weak, the crafty little point guard has almost got it down to a science with his flops. Strategically doing them when the Clippers might need point or momentum needs to be changed.

Last night Lob City was in Sacramento taking on the Kings in what turned out to be a surprising victory for the home team. But what turned out to be an interesting side story was what will arguably go down as the flop of the year by CP3. Courtesy of The Big Lead, watch as Paul makes minimal contact with DeMarcus Cousins on the way up the court and proceeds to pull off one of the greatest flops of our time. I’m still laughing after watching it multiple times.