Christian Ponder Says Percy Harvin’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter


One of the bigger stories surrounding the Vikings trading wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seahawks was the fact that his constant criticism of quarterback Christian Ponder was the final straw.

As we reported yesterday, Harvin had no confidence in Ponder and openly complained about his skill set, even though Ponder always fed him the ball.

Ponder for his part tried to take the high road, and told the St. Paul Pioneer Press “he wasn’t worried about such a report, and that Harvin’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”

“The thing is, there’s no quote strictly from Percy that he was the one saying it,” Ponder said. “I haven’t put too much thought into it. If that was his opinion, that’s unfortunate. But he’s a Seahawk now, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Ponder stated that at no point did Harvin ever openly tell him that his play wasn’t up to par or to his liking.  Ponder admitted he hasn’t spoken to Harvin since the wide receiver went home to Florida in early December.