Connor Barwin Thanks Cleaning Lady and Pizza Delivery Guy In His Farewell To The Texans

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What better way than for athletes these days to thank fans for years of support than to devote a full page ad heaping praise on those who were good to you? Ed Reed did it as he left Baltimore, Greg Jennings did the same when leaving Green Bay and now add Connor Barwin to the list, but Barwin spared no names.

As seen on CBSSports Barwin gave homage to mostly every human being he encountered while in Houston. And Barwin didn’t just limit his thanks to people he met–including delivery guy Tim, but cheese cake as well.

It’s clear Barwin is quite thankful to those he leaves in Houston as he makes his way to the Eagles.

The serious dramatic exit fist pump picture juxtaposed against the most hilarious thank you of all time makes this an instant classic.