Cowboys Brandon Carr Says He Likes Monte Kiffin’s Old-School Approach


New Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin recently turned 73 years old, and has been around a lot of good defenses.

Kiffin has an old school approach that he brings to coaching and to the game of football.  Kiffin is hoping he can turn a recently mediocre Cowboys defense into something special, and as cornerback Brandon Carr told the Dallas Morning News, “he likes and can appreciate Kiffin’s old-school approach.”

“He seemed like an old-school ball coach, a no-nonsense guy that makes everyone out there accountable for their actions,” Carr said. “The short meeting that we had he gave me a lot of information and insight. He let his enthusiasm rub off on me.”

Carr was also asked about the Cowboys switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3, and he said only time will tell.

“As far as going from a 3-4 to a 4-3, I guess only time will tell where this progresses,” Carr said. “Just talking to the guys, everybody has a good attitude and we’re eager to get back at it.”

I’m not sure how the 4-3 will affect the Cowboys pass rush, but I think the cover 2 and zone principles will definitely help the Cowboys secondary flourish.