Dana White Says Vince McMahon Challenged Him To A Fight At Wrestlemania


WWE CEO Vince McMahon loves a fight, and loves to be the center of attention even more.  UFC president Dana White was doing an interview with Canadian news outlet RDS, when he admitted that the 67-year-old McMahon “challenged him to a fight either in the UFC, or at Wrestlemania.”

White reportedly told the news outlet that he declined because of Vince’s age according to the New York Post.

“Vince wanted to fight me — swear to God,” White said. “He called me up, said, ‘Let’s do it. We can do it in the UFC, or let’s do it at WrestleMania.’ And I said, ‘You are crazy.’”

The Wrestling Observer backed up White’s claim, reporting that McMahon wanted a fight between himself and White as the co-headliner at Wrestlemania XXVII in 2011. It’s unclear if McMahon was hoping for an actual mixed martial arts fight, like the ones in White’s UFC, or a WWE-like scripted match.

White  for his part made it clear that he respect McMahon and the brand that he’s built.

“I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again, I respect Vince very much,” White said. “But Vince is too old to be fighting anybody.”

White says he thinks McMahon will definitely want to fight him now that he made the challenge public.

“If Vince hears this he’s going to go nuts, okay?,” White said of his admission that McMahon challenged him. “Vince is too old. He’s too old, which he won’t think he is and he’ll go crazy. He wanted to [fight me] one time.”