Danny Ainge Rips LeBron for Complaining about Officials

Danny Ainge



The Miami Heat’s winning streak was snapped at 27 games at the hands of the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night, their first loss in over a month. One of the more interesting things though were the comments from Heat forward LeBron James after the game. James complained about officiating as he made it clear that he feels the Bulls got away with fouls against him that should have been called flagrant.

Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge decided to weigh in on the topic while talking with an interview with WEEI yesterday. His comments about LeBron might raise a few eyebrows.

I think the referees got the calls right. I don’t think it was a hard foul,” Ainge said on Salk & Holley. “I think the one involving LeBron against Boozer, that was flagrant. I think the officials got it right.

“I think that it’s almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating.”

While embarrassing is a bit too strong for me personally, I do believe that LeBron sounded like he was whining after the game in my opinion. Neither of the two fouls in question against LeBron were flagrant in my eyes, so I don’t think it was appropriate fir James to come out and complain afterwards. Especially when that was the first time you had lost a game in over a month.



3 thoughts on “Danny Ainge Rips LeBron for Complaining about Officials

  • The writer of this story must be a youngster, because anyone who knows anything about basketball knows that for Danny Ainge to be talking about anyone complaing is the biggest joke of the year. Ainge is the biggest crybaby in the history of the league. The Boston Celtics need to stop doing some much talking to the press and concentrate on improving their team.

  • I mean, they only chopped at his head three or four times that game. I mean, It’s not like they were trying to foul him hard……

  • it is a minor point but watch the Kirk Heinrech ( i don’t know to spell his name nor do i care) play again, That is a tackle, then pull him over you to get the charge play. Kirk is an elite athlete. He knew exactly what he was doing. If i did that to you on the court you would be pissed. Their coach told them a billion times no lay ups or dunks, hit them in the mouth, etc….. That wasn’t a basketball play. Look at the play Kirk’s hands almost touch behind Lebron’s back. How are you taught to draw a charge? Hands straight up or protecting the jewels… enough said

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