Deion Sanders Gets His Own Reality Show Called “Sports Dads” (Video)


Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders has moved on with his life after finalizing his divorce and custody issues, and now he will proceed with being a tv star.

According to Jocks And Stiletto Jill, Sanders with the help of alleged girlfriend Tracey Edmonds, will host a new reality show called “Sports Dads,” which will premiere April 1st on  Edmonds and former BET owner, Bob Johnson’s “faith-based” YouTube network, “Aright TV.”

The shows premise or focus will be similar to Dance Moms, with parents who push their children to hard in sports, getting a visit from Sanders who then teaches them how to push their children to be successful in the proper manner.

“Sports Dads” gives viewers a sideline look into the unimaginable stress filled worlds and pressures put upon children by parents who are convinced that their kid has what it takes to become the next big thing. Mortgaged homes, life threatening injuries and marriage dissolving arguments aren’t enough to detour these families when it comes to success. These are just a few of the things viewers are said to experience in this series. “Sports Dads” will premiere on Monday, April 1st

2 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Gets His Own Reality Show Called “Sports Dads” (Video)

  • So Tracey Edmonds is co-owner of “faith-based” YouTube network, “Aright TV.” As much as she’s given up the p*ssy to high-profile enetertainers I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m sure she expressed her faith by yelling “oh God” while on her back (legs spread…feet in the air) being screwed.

  • Faith based? Tracey Edmonds is sleeping with a married man and she calls it faith based? Deion Sanders had sex with a 19 year old girl and he calls it faith Based? Deion publically calls his wife of 14 years (she bore him 3 beautiful kids) a gold-digging ho, and he calls it faith based? As Christians in America, has our knowledge of the Word of God become so shallow that we allow anyone to ‘preach’ to us, no matter the lifestyle they lead? Is God still the Holy God? IJS

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