DeMarcus Cousins Confronts Kings Broadcaster After Game Against Clippers

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So by my count approximately nine days elapsed since DeMarcus Cousins had his last incident. That improvement right?

According to Bleacher Report, the Sacramento Kings volatile power forward had an unpleasant encounter with Kings broadcaster Grant Napear, following an impressive victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night.

Apparently, Napear, has been known to criticize Cousins on his radio show and it’s well known that the former University of Kentucky player, is incredibly sensitive. Check the video of Cousins confronting Napear here.

After the game Cousins, reporters asked Cousins about what he had to say to the Kings broadcaster and he tried to downplay it:


Napear, went to his twitter account to address the whole situation.

Cousins is doing himself a disservice. Here’s a guy with such incredible talent but all he’s known for in his career, is acting like a complete blockhead.



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  • Grant is a total DICK . The way he treats people on air is obscene . It`s beyond me how the ignornant DICK has a show ..

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