Derrick Rose Offers to pay for the Funeral of Murdered 6-Month-old

Derrick Rose The Return

While Derrick Rose has been struggling with the mental obstacles that are hindering him from returning to the court for the Chicago Bulls, his heart remains unimpeded and therefore free to help those who face obstacles of their own.

According to a story in the Inquisitr, the former NBA MVP, has offered to pay for the funeral of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, who was murdered on Monday in Chicago.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that an unidentified man walked up to a minivan on Monday and fired several shots in the window. Jonathan Watkins, who was the target of the shooting, was changing Jonylah Watkins’ diaper at the time. The little girl was shot five times. Watkins was also hit but he managed to survive the shooting.

Police do not know who fired the shots but the Chicago Suntimes reports that Watkins is cooperating with the investigation.

Rev. Corey Brooks, acting as a spokesman for Jonylah Watkins’ family, said: “He is giving them the information that they are asking for … He is answering every question.”

Brooks also said that the family won’t have to worry about funeral costs as Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has offered to take care of the funeral costs.

Rose’s mental toughness has been a topic of debate in recent months because he has been taking longer to return from his devastating knee injury than some would like him to, but Rose, throughout his career has never seemed to be one who lacked mental or physical strength and the fact that he’s capable of such a kind act shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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  • i like derrick rose. heis not only an awesome bball player, but he has a heart too! God bless him.

    • I agree Noreen.

  • Great gesture Derrick.
    RIP Jonylah Watkins!

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