Derrick Rose Says Physically He’s Fine, But Doesn’t Have The Confidence to Play


Derrick Rose Chicago

At least Derrick Rose is honest. While others have given various reasons why he isn’t playing, the truth is, physically he is fine, but mentally he isn’t there yet.

Until he is there mentally, he will be making love to his couch and won’t be back on the court.

“I think I can do everything, it’s just me having the confidence to do it,” Rose said before practice. “Just me feeling normal.”

“I really don’t know [about a return this season],” Rose said. “I’m just like you all where I’m waiting till that day where I feel normal.

“Until then I would just wait. I haven’t had any pressure from the organization and no one else to push me to go out there and play. My teammates have been doing great with just playing hard for me. They’re still out there playing hard, fighting, so that’s a good sign and we’re winning games, so I’m not worried about anything right now.”

You can’t rush him back, because the pressure would just make him more self-conscious and he will probably end up hurting himself again.

Best thing for Rose and the Bulls, is to forget about this season and come back strong next year.


  1. I really and truly think that he is referring to the fact that he doesn’t have confidence in his teammates anymore because the Bulls has been on a losing streak like nobody’s business; im strongly sensing that. but hey, i may be wrong though.

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