Desmond Bryant Reportedly Being Sued For Drunken Home Intrusion Attempt


Cleveland Browns newly signed defensive tackle Desmond Bryant should be on top of the world after signing a five-year $34 million deal.

Instead Bryant will be remembered for many years to come because of a hilarious mugshot photo taken shortly after he was arrested for criminal mischief and causing a commotion during an attempt to force his way into a stranger’s home in North Miami Beach after a night of partying in South Beach.

Now the family that resides at the home that Bryant reportedly caused the commotion at is suing the Browns defensive tackle for his attempted home invasion.

The Miami Herald is reporting that Bryant  tried to force his way into the home of Isaac Baker.   Bakar said his family was “terrified” when they were awakened at around 5:30 a.m. to a 311-pound man who was attempting to pull their door off its hinges.

The family’s attorney says they now need psychological counseling.

“They were scared,” attorney Robert Fiore said. “My client was holding on for dear life.”

Bakar said he, his wife and his three children were awakened around 5:30 a.m. on the morning of February 24 by the sounds of banging on their front door.

When Bakar looked through a window pane in the door, he says he saw “the hulking,” shirtless Bryant come charging at the door again, the lawsuit says.

Fearing that a home invasion was in progress, Bakar tried to hold the door shut against Bryant while his wife called police.

Bryant was still yelling and banging on the door when officers arrived, the police report says.

Police described Bryant as “extremely intoxicated” after a night of drinking at a South Beach nightclub. Bryant arrived at the Bakars’ house after taking a cab from South Beach; he thought he had arrived at his own home.

Desmond Bryant lives in a condo in Aventura, the police report says.

This definitely has to be a bit discouraging for Bryant that the lawsuit comes on the heels of his signing that very large contract.

Hopefully he’ll learn from this, and avoid whatever caused him to take that epic picture.

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