Details of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Prenuptial Agreement

Because Michael Jordan’s divorce happened a little before Social Media blew up, people sometimes forget he took one of the biggest losses in divorce history.

He didn’t have a prenup with his ex-wife Juanita, so in the end he had to pay over $160 million in the divorce. No one has heard from Juanita since then, but I am sure she is living well.

You know the old saying, never make the same mistake twice? Jordan is trying to ensure his future wife Yvette Prieto doesn’t cash out on him, if he decides to divorce her in the future.


According to The Daily Mail, Prieto has signed a prenuptial agreement and it is very favorable for Jordan. In the agreement, she gets $1 million for every year that they are married. If they are married for 10 years, she gets $5 million for every year after that, in the event of a divorce.

Sounds like what Jordan pays his bench players on the Bobcats.

Prieto allegedly had no problem signing the deal, because she thinks she and MJ are going to be together forever, in related news Prieto also believes in Pandora.

3 thoughts on “Details of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto Prenuptial Agreement

  • I could see them lasting for awhile….well good luck to them

  • Why would you even give a women one dollar? If I was rich and getting married I would not give a women nothing in the divorce. If I get married I will have a prenup even if I’m not rich. The only time I could see giving a women money is if you made her a stay at home wife then I could see giving her one thousand dollars a month for for two years for rent. Tiger was stupid for giving his ex wife 30 million as part of the prenup. This prenup MJ has is much better than what Tiger had. It is too bad that Michael did not get a prenup before his first marriage.

    If your girlfriend does not want too sign a prenup that means she is with you for the money only remember that guys.

  • Yvette Prieto’s parents did eighteen months of incarceration for insurance fraud… hmm, I wonder what values they taught her. I don’t know her personally, so I really can’t say much about her other than that she’s Hispanic (like me) and I wish she treats Michael Jordan with love and respect.
    Michael Jordan was a highlight of my adolescence- and obviously Yvette Prieto’s, too, because she is one year younger than me- and as someone that inspired me throughout my life I wish him happiness. Unfortunately, his union with his ex-wife is no more, and did cost him about $160 million dollars in divorce settlement; I thought he’d take at least a decade to tie the knot again. Maybe he’s lonely, or really in love- quien sabe? (who knows)…
    She may rise to the occasion and be a good wife to him- babies, Caribbean cooking, the works! 😉

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