Donovan McNabb Blast Tony Romo’s New Contract Extension


Donovan McNabb has spent a good deal of his career feeling overlooked and underappreciated, so it comes as no surprise that McNabb would blast a player he feels has accomplished way less than him.

McNabb who appeared in 5 NFC title games, 1 Super Bowl, and won a lot of games in Philadelphia, did not hide his displeasure with the new six-year $108 million deal the Cowboys just gave Tony Romo.



McNabb let it be known in his own words that he doesn’t think Romo deserves such a deal.  McNabb forgot to include the fact that Romo got that one playoff win against him.

I respect Donovan McNabb, but he’s coming off a bit moist with this blast.  McNabb has spoken his mind more in two years as an analyst then he ever did as a player.

Even though he was trying to give his opinion about how he honestly feels, it’s going to come off so much like he was hating on Romo.


3 thoughts on “Donovan McNabb Blast Tony Romo’s New Contract Extension

  • He comes off a bit “RIGHT” with this tweet. He ain’t the only one questioning this contract. Romo is 33 years old, has played with more talent than McNabb, has won less games, less playoff games, and always makes a dumb decision at the end of games yet he is rewarded and loved by the masses. Keep speaking up McNabb.

  • Donovan McNabb played the good guy for so many years trying to be politically correct. Well, where did it get him or better yet get someone else. Mike Vick, a big new contract now Toni Romo a big new contract. Donovan was good but not great and never showed up in shape during the season because he was to busy eating Campbel’s soup.

  • To suggest McNabb wasn’t great is crazy! “Great” players carry Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell type receivers to the playoffs every single year. He was given no weapons until T.O. and look what happened when he got T.O.? A lot of revisionist history about McNabb man. Go look at some of those teams and then look at how much he had to do (along with the defense) for them to be successful.

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