Dwayne Bowe’s Five Year $56 Million Deal Makes Him 3rd Highest Paid WR


Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace are sitting somewhere wondering when their turn will come.  Percy Harvin now has a measuring stick for his new deal.

Yesterday we reported that Dwayne Bowe and the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a new 5 year deal.  Today the numbers of that deal have been released, and they indeed will have a trickle down effect.

According to Pro Football Talk, the numbers are cap friendly and extremely Dwayne Bowe friendly in the first two years.

1.  $15 million signing bonus.

2.  $750,000 fully-guaranteed base salary in 2013.

3.  $250,000 workout bonus in each year of the contract.

4.  $8.75 million base salary in 2014, $4.25 million of which is fully guaranteed now and $4.5 million of which is guaranteed for injury only now.  The $4.5 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2014 league year.

5.  $10.75 million base salary in 2015.  $1.5 million is guaranteed for injury now, and it becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2014 (not 2015) league year.

6.  $9.75 million base salary in 2016.

7.  $9.75 million base salary in 2017.

It adds up to $36 million over the first three years, and $56 million over five.  Of the amount, $26 million is guaranteed.  $20 million is fully guaranteed now.  The other $6 million becomes fully guaranteed next year.

Right now the deal makes Bowl the third highest paid wide receiver in the league behind Megatron and Larry Fitzgerald.  That rank could definitely change with the impending deals for Jennings, Wallace, and some point Harvin.