Dwight Howard Says He Needs Kobe to Keep Pushing Him to Be an Icon

dwight howard, kobe bryant feud

Another day, another round of Dwight quotes.

“I do appreciate what [Bryant’s] doing,” said Howard to host Kevin Frazier. “We’ve talked all year. We’ve had conversations on the bus rides and the planes just about how to become that icon that I want to be.”

Howard said Bryant has helped him become a better player.

“He’s just pushing me,” said Howard. “I need somebody to push me…. He’s the guy who can show me because he’s been through every single thing. One thing I can admire about him is the fact that he has five rings.”

You would think, Dwight Howard would be able to motivate himself after 9 years in the league, but everyone needs a little push here and there. It appears to be working, because he has played lights out lately.