Dwight Howard Says He Wouldn’t Trade JJ Redick for Michael Jordan & Twitter is Crazy

Dwight Howard Clown

If you ever watch any of the shows on Discovery ID or programs like the FBI Files, the cops always say, that the best way to catch a criminal is to keep them talking.

The guilty will have a hard time keeping their stories straight and the more the talk, the harder it is to keep up with all the lies.

If Dwight Howard was a criminal, he would be going to jail for life, without the opportunity of parole, because he simply doesn’t know when to be quiet. The more he talks, the deeper the rabbit hole gets.

He had a long interview with USA Today, but here were the most interesting things he said.

Q: Does the noise that you do hear get to you?

A: “Yeah, it does. Every little thing is blown out of proportion, or you might say something and people take it this way, then the more followers (on Twitter) you have then the different opinions you have and the different thoughts they will have on certain situations. I’ll do questionnaires with people (on Twitter) … then when you talk, people are like, ‘Why are you spending time with us when you should be working on your free throws?’ I’m like, ‘Ok, I’m a human being. I do practice, I do all that stuff.’ But there’s no basketball player who sits in the gym all day. If they say that, they’re lying. And I’m more than just a basketball player. I like to do other things besides play basketball. Because when my career is done, I can’t just go pick up a basketball and keep doing that forever. You’ve got to take the good with the bad, but the Twitter thing is crazy.

Q: Have you kept in touch with the guys who are still there since you left?

A: “Not as much. I know those guys probably hear stuff, and they think that ‘Dwight doesn’t really care for us.’ I can recall one day, Tony Battie, we were having a team meeting before the (2008-09) season. And I told the guys in the locker room, I said, ‘Listen, nobody believes we can win the championship.’ But I believe in all of you guys.’ I said, ‘I wouldn’t trade you guys for the world.’ So Tony Battie, as a joke after the meeting, says, ‘So you’re telling me that you wouldn’t trade JJ Redick for the ’96 (Michael) Jordan? And I said, ‘No, I would not trade JJ Redick for the ’96 Jordan.’ (laughs) I said, ‘I believe JJ Redick can do something that we need for our team.’ And that’s how much faith I had in that team that went to the Finals. That hurt. I just felt like the biggest thing that they were trying to do was, ‘Ok, well Dwight is coming back to Orlando, so let’s rile up the fans, rile up all this to get everybody against Dwight.’ But I never had an issue with the fans, never had an issue with the players I played with. None of that stuff.”

So, it is the Magic’s players fault for being upset that they were called nobodies?  That makes perfect sense.  Dwight wonders why people in the league don’t respect him and the quotes above are the perfect example why.

Dwight needs a new PR team ASAP, because this strategy of talking every day to make people feel sorry for him isn’t working.