Dwight Howard Trolls Fan Who Instigated Him On Twitter (Photo)


Lakers center Dwight Howard is struggling through one of the roughest seasons he’s had since entering the NBA.  A warning to fans who feel like taking shots at the big man when he’s down, don’t get upset if he returns the favor.

Per Word On The Game, Howard was on Twitter earlier and was simply being his positive self when he tweeted out this quote.

A fan who felt like riling Howard up shot a reply tweet to Dwight that stated, “Your Free Throws Will Never Improve.”

I’m sure the fan assumed Howard would take the shot and keep on moving with his day.  Howard did none of that.  He responded back, “Yo Pockets Won’t Neither.”

Dwight probably should have kept it moving, and could catch some flak for throwing finances in the dudes face, but if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.