Dwyane Wade Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade Goes on Dr. Phil (Video)

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade Mugshot

Pretty much the standard move for any scorn lover, to either go on a reality show or Dr. Phil style show. The short version of D Wade and Siohvaugh’s story goes like this.

High School sweethearts get married, life in the NBA has an affect on both of them positively and negatively, NBA player decides to upgrade, wife has a breakdown, NBA player uses that breakdown to gain custody of kids and ex-wife relegated to going on shows like Dr. Phil.

Happens more often than you think. Probably just a matter of time, before Pilar Sanders shows up on Dr. Phil. This is just a preview, but it appears, that Siohvaughn believes, that D Wade’s celebrity status, is what helped him gain custody of his sons.

That is probably partly true, but getting arrested and having massive breakdowns didn’t help Siohvaugh’s case either. In these type of situations there are really no winners.

2 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade Goes on Dr. Phil (Video)

  • I feel sorry for her but she really needs to move on and look toward the future. What’s done is done she needs to concentrate on her kids.

  • What’s done can be undone. Only a matter of time, time lost unfortunately, but mom should never give up. That man is not raising his sons, hired help is. Which is fine if that’s ALL they have, but they have a parent who’s able to care for them. The mother never had a breakdown to my knowledge. Arrested for not appearing in court and arrested for not allowing a non-approved courier to have the children are not breakdowns, but evidence of a broken CHi-town system! Disclaimer: I’ve never watched Dwade play or purchased anything conncted to him and have his girl friend to that list.

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