Ed Reed Says Ravens Haven’t Call Him, But He’d Like To Stay


With all the talk in Baltimore being focused on Joe Cool and his 120.6 million dollar contract, you have to suspect there will be a few Ravens who just don’t feel the love.

The Ravens have a list of players set to become free agents. Now that Flacco’s contract seems to be a concrete deal, the Ravens can now start to tie up loss ends elsewhere. However certain players have already came forth and spoke out on not being a priority or just not receiving that phone call just yet.

Former NFL Defensive Player of the Year safety Ed Reed is one of the most sought after players who will become a free agent if things aren’t worked out with the Ravens. After completing a 6-year contract worth $44.5 million, Reed spoke out about not being contacted yet.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone,” Reed told NFL Network in a television interview. “Hopefully, that call comes soon.”

“I’m a Raven, I plan on being a Raven,” Reed said. “I couldn’t see me anywhere else right now. If it happens, I’m a football player. I can adapt to any situation.”

Reed also commented on Joe Flacco and his contract situation.

“Joe deserves it, man,” Reed said. “He’s been consistent every year he’s been in the league. He’s been growing and has a lot more to learn and wins to get. Joe definitely deserves it.”

Some would say Reed isn’t the same player. The Ravens can decide if they are willing to allow Reed the opportunity to flirt with competing teams, pay him, or franchise him. Reed has never been one to shy away from asserting his fair market value.  Reed also acts as his own manager, meaning the Ravens will have to negotiate directly with the 34 year old veteran to work out a candid deal.

Cornerback Cary Williams has also spoken out about not being contacted by the Ravens. In a recent interview with Carroll County Times, Williams stated the Ravens made it clear he was not a priority.

“The team reached out to me and told me what the top priorities were and those obviously were the quarterback position [Flacco] and the middle linebacker position Darnell Ellerbe. Everything outside of that would have to be a bonus I guess, so it is what it is,” Williams said.

“We have a lot of depth at corner and a lot of depth in the defensive backfield, so I just think I’m not necessarily a priority right now.

The Ravens are expecting Lardius Webb back, after recovering from a season ending injury. Corey Graham will also be back after being inserted into the lineup and displaying a breakout season. Not to mention, the Ravens still have Chykie Brown, Asa Jackosn, and first round draft pick Jimmy Smith, who made the controversial play to help the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

“I know I’m worth more than what the deal was worth before,” said Williams, who reiterated that staying in Baltimore would be ideal.

“I’m not going to throw out a number and say what the range I’m looking for is, but I feel like a team, whoever that is, whether it’s the Baltimore Ravens, will pay me for what I’m worth. And I think that three-year, $15 million [offer] is something that I outplayed and that I’m worth more than that.”

Now that Joe Cool is all locked, sealed, and ready to go it will be interesting to see what the Ravens can do this off season. Ozzie Newton is an exceptional general manager who has the reputation of being considerable and fair when it comes to paying athletes. Although I sense he wouldn’t try to low ball any player, this is a business and there is only so much money to play with. I expect him to retain some Ravens, but there will be some that have to part ways. Hopefully it just won’t be the ones the Ravens consider most valuable, so you won’t have a Ray Allen moving to the Heat ordeal.