Eli Manning Says He’ll Restructure Contract To Keep Victor Cruz A Giant


The New York Giants have a conundrum going on, and it could end up being costly if some things aren’t worked out.  Victor Cruz is a restricted free agent and wants to get paid.

The New York Giants main focus at wide receiver is Hakeem Nicks and they have a set number for Cruz, and don’t plan on going above it.

When money gets tight for NFL teams, they start to ask certain players to restructure their deals.  One player you wouldn’t expect to get asked is star quarterback Eli Manning.

Manning though would be open to such a thing, and according to ESPN New York, would restructure his deal to keep Victor Cruz.

“If the Giants want to work something out, I am always up for listening and figuring out what I can do to help the cause,” Manning said when asked if he would restructure his contract while making an appearance at the Samsung Spring Launch at the Museum of American Finance. “That is kind of up to the Giants and what they want to do. I am always up for listening and doing whatever is best for the team to put us in a [situation] to win more championships.”

Manning says he reads the paper, and has been keep up with all news Cruz for the past few weeks.  He acknowledged that he has kept in contact with Giants brass via text, and has let ownership know he wants to keep Cruz.

“I check the papers every morning to make sure no one else has offered him a contract,” Manning continued. “It is nerve-wracking though. He is anxious. I know he has been dealing with this contract issue for a long time. I know he wants it just settled and wants to get back to playing football and just worrying about that.”

“I’ve been sending a few texts to him, ‘yeah, hey, get this done, make sure he stays with us,’ ” Manning said with a chuckle. “Obviously I want Victor back with the Giants and obviously right now he is [tendered].

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  • Cruz will probably stay with the Giants if they let him go then shame on them.

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