Elvis Dumervil Negotiating With Baltimore Ravens


After last week’s fax fiasco, which left former Denver Bronco Elvis Dumervil without a job, it seems the Baltimore Ravens are more than just a little interested in the three times Pro Bowler.

According to the Denver Post, the Ravens have up the antic on trying to land the elite pass rusher and have begun talking to his new agent Tom Condon to start the negotiations.

While Dumervil wants to make things work with his former team, this break up may be official. The league denied Dumervil‘s appeal to honor his agreement to take a pay cut from $12 million to $8 million, after his fax was received six minutes pass the deadline. The Broncos still propose a chance to grab Dumervil again, however things aren’t certain.

“At this point, a tie [in financial offers] with another playoff contender in the pursuit of Dumervil probably wouldn’t go to the Broncos,” Klis reported. “The wounds from the entire pay-cut process remain a bit raw with Dumervil.”

While it may take a few more days before we know exactly where Dumervil will land, it will certainly help the Ravens fill the void left after losing Paul Kruger to the Cleveland Browns. Let the waiting game begin.