Erin Andrews Blames Herself for Awkward 50 Cent Kiss (Video)


I think we should all apologize to 50 Cent for assuming that he was trying to get busy with Fox Sports Erin Andrews during an awkward encounter last week at Nascar’s Daytona 500.

TMZ caught up with the lovely Ms. Andrews and she shed some light on what happened.

“Actually it was my fault I will say that, because it was so rushed, the drivers weren’t there… I went in one way, he went in the other then they screamed in my ear ‘Go get her! Go get her! she’s there, we have 30 seconds left.’ I ran, I panicked, I jerked my head very awkwardly… I made him look terrible, we’re actually business partners…”

50 wasn’t too happy with the media’s portrayal of the incident as you can see by his tweet.

Here is video of Andrews explaining what happened.