Evelyn Lozada Sends Chad Johnson a Cease & Desist Letter for Online Harrassment


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This all started last week, when Ocho seny out a few Tweets to Evelyn’s PR people, claiming she had cheated on him with a member of Young Money’s entourage.

That led to Evelyn’s daughter calling Ocho a “B*tch” on Twitter.  Evelyn surprisingly took the high road and didn’t say much of anything, but she did have her lawyer send Ocho a Cease and Desist letter, to stop the online harassment according to TMZ.

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Jocks and Stiletto Jill points out that Ocho has a court hearing coming up to terminate his probation, so this probably wasn’t the best time to drop these bombs on Social Media.

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What affect will this have when he goes into court, no one knows, but it isn’t going to help. Best thing for Chad and Evelyn, is to just move on.

It isn’t healthy for either of them to be contacting each other on or offline. Whatever was said and done is in the past, is in the past, so no point of bringing it up now.