Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter Shaniece Calls Chad Johnson a B*tch on Twitter (Photos)

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Things had been very quiet on the Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada front, to the point it looked like everyone had moved on. But, then a series of Tweets from Ocho (since deleted, but screen captured by Baller Alert) caused a serious reaction from Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece.

Evelyn Lozada Chand Johnson Tweets

Shaniece Evelyn Chad Johnson 2
Shaniece Evelyn Chad Johnson

Everyone needs to chill out a bit. There are still some hurt feelings on all sides, but just like with Deion and Pilar or Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian it is time to move on.

Ocho needs to focus on getting back on the field, Evelyn seems focused on changing her reputation and her daughter, while coming to her defense, just added fuel to the fire.

Mistakes were made, bridges were burned, but for the sake of everyone involved, let’s act like adults and keep it moving.

One thought on “Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter Shaniece Calls Chad Johnson a B*tch on Twitter (Photos)

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