Florida Gulf Coast Coach Andy Enfield Took Maxim Model Wife To Taco Bell On 1st Date



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Today coaches and players from yesterday’s winning teams took the podium to talk to the media.  Although everyone had interesting sound bites, Florida Gulf head coach Andy Enfield’s story about his first date with his Maxim model wife had everyone in the press room enthralled.

Our first date was actually at the NIT.   When we got back to New York the next week we went to a St. John’s NIT game and sat right behind the bench.  The game was in Queens at their on campus arena.

 Andy Enfield Maxim Model Wife

I was going to take her out to a nice dinner before hand, but when we got to Queens I couldn’t find a restaurant that I thought was either nice or she’d want to go to.  So I said there has to be something on campus, let’s go to the student union there’s got to be a Chilli’s or something there.  Well, the only thing that was open was Taco Bell.  She stuck with me and I got her a nice burrito.

One of the best stories in the press room from one of weekend’s most charismatic coaches.

I’ve always said that a woman who has her own is not caught up on where you take her on a first date as long as you can make her laugh and are good company.


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