Former Dolphins Mark Duper Arrested For Child Abuse After Knocking Child Unconscious

Mark Duper Mugshot

Pro Football Talk via local 10 News in Jacksonville is reporting that former Dolphins receiver Mark Duper has been arrested and accused of punching a child, knocking him unconscious and threatening to kill him.

Local 10 News in Jacksonville is reporting that Duper has been charged with child abuse.  According to the arrest document, Duper was involved in an argument about an ex-girlfriend while playing video games.

Duper reportedly punched a child and knocked him unconscious, according to the arrest document. Police said Duper threatened to kill the child.  You have to read this to believe it.

While playing video games with a friend’s children, Duper got into an argument with the victim when the boy refused to pick his hat up off the floor, police say.

Duper then punched the boy in the face and slammed him to the ground several times, causing him to lose consciousness, police say.

After 10 minutes of fighting, Duper told the boy to leave his house, according to the arrest affidavit. The boy began to leave but walked back inside the house to grab a jacket, and he and Duper again began fighting. The boy’s father separated the pair when he saw Duper punching his son in a bedroom.

As the boy left the house, he pushed his bicycle into Duper’s vehicle, police say. Duper saw him, punched him in the face, and began choking him while the boy was on the ground.

The Department of Children and Families has been called in to the investigation.

Duper had an 11-year career with the Miami Dolphins. He caught 59 touchdowns and is in the Dolphins Ring of Honor.


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  • As a father,i promise you he would not have been punching are slamming my son without “dead being associated with his name”.I cant see how the boy’s father let that happen in front of him.

  • ^^^^ Real Talk Elijah He would have been dead as well.

  • Wow that Child is a badass, sounds like he went toe to toe with an x-nfl player and all that under the age of 13.

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